Negative vs Negative.
Andrea Pfister.
Who can tell you what is
after the last breath ?
Who can tell you what is
after the last breath ?
The Lamb's Book of Life.
Be Included.
When I told Uncle Al a few days after John Kennedy Jr. was taken by
the Sound that a new person had entered the circle: I said, "Her name
is Piper." Hearing the news he was thousands of miles away. Evenso.
His first comment was ... "Like the Airplane."
Floating in Deep Water
America tested.
Uniform Custody Act
Uniform Parentage Act
Where born.
Where conceived.

Who Is The Person that Laughed when 20,000 people lost their lives in
the Turkey Earthquakes ? And who Is the person that told a friend to
"go ahead and die already ?" Then the friend cut both wrists. But who
is the person that would conspire to smuggle illegal Arms into a Country
where kids are killing each other in schools ? We'll tell you about these
things and much much more as The Great Adventure is revealed. Find
The Pure Heart. Get connected. Begin the New Adventure. Want to
know more ? The Journey Into Eternity Is About To Begin. Stay Tuned.
Pass The Word. The Universe Will Become A Bigger Place. Welcome to
The Future. Welcome to The Revelation.
" The Word Of God "
This is not the site. Only an appetizer delight. Sit tight. Go Ahead.
Float around. There is always a treasure that can be found. Here are
some things that might get your attention and need I mention will open
your mind into the next dimension. The Story and The Proof that takes
it through the roof of Eternal Life.

I do not think any of what is to come- has been unveiled. Well, kinda.
Time gets the bugs out. Nature has its own way of speaking. Then-
we go forward. The Greater Understanding. Psychic Stuff. Coincidence.
The Power Of. A Spirit Engulfs The World. A Spirit On The Outside and
A Spirit Within.

For the most part, this is just a test. The "Entry Level" (Credibility,
Authority, Foundation, and, The 1st Point to be made) is on its way.
Just like Life itself. Checking the system. Seeing how it all works. The
picture becomes clearer, evermore revealing, explosive in a moment's
notice. The message in Thanksgiving is the power of believing. Blend
with the Universe.

What is the root to perfect timing ? Perfect Harmony. Want to play-

This is My sandbox. The Word Of God.
I am real. You are real. We are Forever.
The way to "Enter" ...
If you know how things work and
you are with some intelligence
you could find doorways when
you notice. Many things in many
places. A Riddle, A Schmuck, A
Spot, A Miracle on 34th Street.
History writes itself. Waiting to

Back In The 1900's

Hillary Clinton
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Richard David Renda
All Rights Reserved.
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How about an address ?
You could try ...
Someone also said you could try
Peter, Paul, John, Matthew, Luke,
Mary, Mark, Esther, Timothy, Isaiah,
Titus, Daniel, Noah, Muhammad, The
True Buddha, The Holy Ghost, The
Comforter, The Spirit, even Jesus or
The Pen - Any
one from The Kingdom of Prophets.
You Never Know. You might get an Answer.
You Might Be Heard.
Someone Is Listening.
The Universe Is Watching.

That makes for a smile. It is funny in a unique way -and- it is true.
A Treat
A Name Written
Hot Links Are "Red."
The 11th Hour
To be continued
The Millennium
Can I Take An "Intermission" ??? Click on Piper and
then from above find "Totally Cool (r)." And Go with it.
After the Intermission
Behold, I stand at the door, and knock: if any individual hear my voice and
open the door, I will come in, and sup with him or her and he or she with me.
To those that overcometh will I grant to sit with me, even as I also overcame
and am set down with God in The Core of Creation. They that hath an ear,
let 'em hear what the Spirit saith to the churches.

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Watch "Picture of the Day."
It evolves on a regular basis.
The Book of Life talking to you
as it writes. A Story In Pictures.
Also good for starters are They
and Forever Young.
Remember: it was Life who
got you here - in its own way.
Do you want
to know what
The Shrinks
learned ?
A State paid Doctor named
Yokell (believe that) said he
who is known as The Word
of God was "erotic" in his
written opinion. Should
have his head examined.
There's -- Something Awful.
Webster's Dictionary. Yokel: a naive
or gullible inhabitant of a rural area
or small town. What a Yokell.
The Human Body
P.T.D. Personal
Transport Device
Who Is Judging Who ?
Quote of the Moment:
"Every gun that is made, every warship
launched, every rocket fired, signifies in
the final sense a theft from those who
hunger and are not fed, those who are
cold and are not clothed." U.S. President
Dwight D. Eisenhower. April 16, 1953
Recommended ages 13 and
above. Have fun. It will
make you think
Special People
Child Withheld.
The "Tali"

Floating in Deep Water
America tested.
Uniform Custody Act
Uniform Parentage Act
Where born.
Where conceived.

Take The Adventure
You are
Try This.
The Show.
When I told Uncle Al a few days after John Kennedy Jr. was taken by
the Sound that a new person had entered the circle: I said, "Her name
is Piper." Hearing the news he was thousands of miles away. Evenso.
His first comment was ... "Like the Airplane."
The Lamb's Book of Life.
Be Included.
New York Post
February 2000

November 1999
by 6 year old boy at school.
Prosecutor said "... Negative
." Next day man
opens fire at: McDonald's.
What Next ?
" Rid of Me "
"He had a name written, that no
man knew, but he himself and
his name is called The Word Of
God." The Book of Revelation.
"Cops Continue to Kill People In New York City" Year 2000. This is true. The Mayor said "Facts
change." Facts -Never- change or they would not be "Fact." They would be "Untruths." - Fact -
Then on a clear blue day to The City came September 11, 2001. The World learned to feel more.
In The Greatest Adventure is one moral to
the story: there are 2 sides to the coin.
There will be the people who do not like
this -a voice- that speaks, writes, shows,
and shares. Then -- there will be people
with great wisdom who will say, "Maybe
we should stop killing people." Progress.
The Earth is Alive. Who will win -- Nature
says "Go ahead... keep wasting energies
killing people and talking about it instead
of preserving those alive." Earth quakes.
Volcanos Explode. Mountains Rumble.
Tornados damage.
Mosquitos Bite Every
. Even if you are wearing a uniform.
Then the human environmental food
chain makes change.

A Red Hawk Fell Out Of The Sky. It died
from The Mosquito virus. Oh the Universe
and I remember you the people do not
want or need salvation. You have done no
wrong. You are above that. Above all of
what the Universe has given and the laws
of balance that keep it safe. Evenso. Very
Costly. Are you listening ?
Talented Intelligence would present
internally what the sum total of lives
lost and ... the cost. To date going
forward. Oh I am sorry. Forgot. You
do not need help, you can do every
thing yourself. The future is not in
trouble. No ? Well, let's see -- Life
can create another compound to
the picture and surely everything
will get even: much worst than it is.
Drama, drama, drama. Do you want
to test or push one more time ???
Display good faith immediately.
Actions louder than words. Clock
does tick. Nature is watching you.
Atomic sub levels.
What is seen so far is this
world going to Hell. Little
time to change what is.

Did you ever meet the Judge who told a certain
person he was not allowed to have what is by Law
and Nature: his rights. The Judge's reason, he
said, it was "too cold out." 4 months later that
same Judge said he "did not know it was going to
be so mild." And now it has been the hottest 3
years in a row. "Take it to appeals." But who
real--ly started this ? The Mayor. Covered up the
attempted Murder of a certain someone August
11, 1996. The files are many. And the rest followed
that. Even the school shootings. And now to
include the City of the World shootings. 3 since
February 4, 1999. Go for 4. More than cursed.
See it at both our door. Rivers of blood constant
from one thing to another. The Word was October
21, 1996 "stole." There is only one Court above
the Supreme Court. And as you know, can see:
it is in session. Of course. Kill the messenger and
Life sends its own army. Kill "him" again and it is:
the end. How much are you willing to gamble ?
It all ? Your whole business depends on Perfect
Timing. That does not happen smoothly for you
all on a worldwide scale as you reflect- when you
and "him" are at opposite harmony. River between.
You know what it is like when - you see what
is yours, and it is not. Their shrink documented
them "bad." Beyond self-proclaimed. In Law.
Private note to "Cash In Advance" and the
related. You know why this is happening.
Act like nothing is happening and many
more regrets happen that anyone would
never have wanted. True wisdom comes
with happy resolve. Next coincidence
could be beyond any control. Never say
"there was not a second chance given."
(after this was written ... then came the day
In History "9-11")
What is not Italian yet is - is factually
Jewish- and Greek origin- but is not
although the New Yorker is different ?
Put it together and peace prevails.
Everything goes back to business as
usual for everybody. How intelligent is
intelligence. Ignore the equation and
over 200 years everybody dies. Want
to see words come true ? These
words do.
How long do some say it took
for God to create the World, six
days ? How long would it take for
God, the Universe, to destroy it ?
Start with one.
In this Court the truth is The Word: literal.
Let's have fun.
Have you ever seen the book-
"Hurry, Inchworm !" ? "If I
went fast, I wouldn't see, All
the beauty around me." "So" ...
Reader's Digest Young Families.



if you
- know -



"People Take Too Much For Granted."
This is a very serious statement.

The first thing you learn after your
last breath is You Are Still Alive !
(FYI: "News To Talk About" is in special mode. Way too
paranormal. For cryptic readers only. /NewsTalk.html)
The world of Science.
Life. Cryptic. And Real.
Heritage must learn ... to preserve.
Call it ... The Big Picture
- The Really Big Picture -
"If your Prophet did not know about
electricity or what a remote control
unit is -- then ... they know nothing
about the World you live in."
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