The girl ...
from where ? Canada.
You or your family ever entertain
or conspire to bring illegal arms
into America again and you won't
just deal with me, you will deal
with my powers. And then you
all can argue with my Maker.

Your parents should be Thankful
that the car that fell on their head
did not kill them. As you know
there is a reason for everything.
Then you would have been Piper.
See reality. People get away with

Face eternal Hell. Judgement.
Totally Destined. Remember
the last two words I spoke after
I spit in your face ?

That's nice.
America never got that far lost into The Wilderness. She always had
hope, she has me. Actions speak like demonstrations and examples.
Louder than Words.
This course of events:
The Canadian, France, a Certain Middle East Country, and Russia.
- Notice From Within To All Who Exist -
Hurt No More People Or You, Your Soul, Your Being,
and Your Every Existence Will Suffer For A 100 Million
Lifetimes. Laugh and Nature Laughs In Your Face.
The Guarantee.
The Institution Of Learning ... A Soul Is
A Terrible Thing To Waste.
Along The Path
We Walk We Find
Our History. Then it
follows you forever.

That is as Personal
as it gets. And in
this world it is
Vortex Express In Time.
This face was titled
by the Artist's hand,
" 11.11 "

( eleven eleven )
A key to some.
A mystery to others.
Signed 4 ... More, in
1981 ilana opened an
eleven eleven door.
1999 into The Future
The End of a Millennium.
A New Adventure. And
with many courses
of Events.
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