Young At Heart.
Being Young At Heart is something
an individual should alway remember.
Because when you are young at heart
you will never -never- grow old.

Even though time will pass, you will
retain a certain clarity in your head
and in your mind... in your whole being.

This will translate into a physical harmony
with the body and what worlds you have
around you.

Be Young At Heart. The merit of "Clarity."
What is interesting is that some people get
caught in a groove and get stuck there.
Like a person who has a cassette player
and even though technology has moved
ahead to the CD Player they ask why
should they get a CD Player. The cassette
player works fine. It is good enough.

But when you are young you are open
to learning about things that are an

You do not have a closed mind. A bad
thing that many adults have ... because
they forget they were once young.
So many adults think they do know it all.
Youth preserves that from happening at
any age. It remains open. And you remain
Forever Young.
There is a
what you
think you
know and
what you
about it.
In The
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