It is a special time that we all are living in. It is when the secrets of The
Universe are revealed to us. Once the vibration " The Word of God "
was matured to its Highest level and perfected the next doorway in Life
opened. It was the when and where on this earth The Great Adventure
actually began. Knowing eventually you will find The Great Adventure,
the path to travel and The Timeline on the inside - in this Space - certain
things are entered into: History.

The Great Adventure revealed itself at "The Doorstep To The Future"
around 1981. It is the path of travel. And it revealed a friend who
had been here some 2000 years ago. The purpose of beginning The
Great Adventure was to actually see if certain people from thousands
of years ago were here again alive living in today's world. Along that
path many people are and were revealed. They are here again. And
they know it.

The Great Adventure continued to move toward its conclusion, which
took nineteen years. But it would not conclude until it found a particular
person known in time as The Pure Heart. One element spoke of A Sign.
This was when the conclusion to The Great Adventure would begin.
And that occurence would be the beginning to The New Adventure:
A New Earth.

I thought all of this was very weird. But I had to see it through. It
reminded me of a time in the summer of 1985 when Diane, a therapist
said, "I finally understand ... Life has you so sucked in that you couldn't
get out even if you wanted to." Then literally the earth shook a half of
an inch in each direction.

And now as I continued, though I knew not of the person that the signs
spoke of next to be revealed, for nine months a voice inside my head
kept describing a female that would come forth. In Spring of 1999 she
did. The Piper played. Evenso, what would happen next was surely not
expected. The power of that Vortex revealed yet another person. When
we Turn The Page it was exposed and The Pure Heart reached in this
world The Revelation. It did show its face in time. To me it said, "I do
not Lie." And The New Adventure began ...
Listen To The Sound Of The Universe ... Pink Floyd - Learning To Fly
and so this is ... The Story of The Pure Heart :
What I found most interesting was not how, where, and when
The Pure Heart was exposed but what happened afterward.
The Pure Heart has details and heavy implications to be discussed
which we will do later. However - after this particular person The
Pure Heart came to this crossroad in Destiny, a week later a man I
knew came looking for me and found me in a cafe. This man said
to me, "I do not want you to speak or say a word." I did as he asked.
Ultimately each person's name will be revealed. But for now let us
call this man "Pretty People."

So Pretty People came to me and said: I was thinking about what I
saw happen at the cafe last week (The Great Adventure Pure Heart
Revelation). I thought about it constantly all weekend. And I wanted
to say this to You. I just want you to hear me out before you say
anything. I know I am not perfect as a person, but I try very hard to
be the best I can be and to be fair to everybody. I have worked hard
all of my life. I have been married to the same woman for many many
years. I work in an industry where there are beatuiful women and
temptations. I have remained Faithful thoughout my relationship with
my wife Jackie. I have a son -Ryan- that I love very much. I try to give
all that I have to those around me even though sometimes I wish I had
more to give. I do care about people. I try to be honest in business
and with those I deal with. I do all I can as a person and would like
to think of myself as a good person. I am older and do not have as
much energy as when I was a younger man. And each day I try to be
a better person than I was the day before. I just wanted you to know
I Am A Pure Heart also. I too am A Pure Heart. I just wanted You to
know that.

Interesting enough. I had watched this man for a number of years.
And the words he spoke were honest . . . true.

Little did that man know what he said to me meant
as much to me - the who I was - as anything could
in all of time. He was an older man. And this all
came out of him on his own. From The Being
within. He proved the moral to the story. That
when the crossroad did come to The Pure Heart
it told The Greater Story. When there is one pure
There May Be More. Pretty People is
Richard Francis. Thank you so much.

There is only one thing in this world that was said
more important than what Richard Francis said. It
is what The Meak said, "... for the seriousness of
what is was." To the rest of the world and to the
Universe - you can be nothing greater than:
" A Pure Heart. " Journey to The Core.
The conclusion to The Great Adventure.
The beginning of The New Adventure.
So ... Stay Tuned ! You all are included.
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