What happens after your last breath . . .
photo credit: Cathlina Leisening
King of Kings
You never know what
the future will bring.

Or do you ?

Shot on location: Hotel 17, NYC
On The Record:
The opposing attorney
said, " He controls
the weather. "

On The Record:
The Judge responded,
" So what if he controls
the weather. What does
that have to do with the
issue ? "

April 20, 1998
" I Heard Words ! "

Yeah, you and 3
other people.
And- No Words
were spoken.

How many major School
Shootings have there
been since:
August 13, 1997
August 22, 1997
September 15, 1997
and then ...
The shootings begin.
Not before.
April 20, 1999
A LittleTon
School Shooting

May 20, 1999
High School.
You could say they were
all "a relatively stable
community with an
excellent public school

You are paying a price,
but for what ???
There Is
A Reason
Does anyone really care what it is all about ??? Do you really want to
know what it is all about ?? And will you make anything right ? Truth:
You can never make Anything right if you can not admit the wrong.
What Will Happen Next ???
The Future Is At Stake.
This is about blood.
And ?

photo credit:
Time Magazine
December 20, 1999
And The Power of.
It is About Time.
Editor: Jill Swid
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